At Foefox, our vision is to empower organizations and individuals by providing cutting-edge infrastructure. We strive to create a digital landscape where businesses and non-profit organizations can thrive, leveraging the power of technology to make a positive impact on the world.

Building a Better World through Inspiring Change

Open Digital Solutions for Nonprofits: EmpowerX

User Experience

We build stunning and intuitive platforms for nonprofit organisations, making it simple for you to engage your target audience and spread the word about your cause online.


To free up your time to concentrate on changing the world, we offer a dependable and scalable infrastructure for the applications used by your organisation.

Research & Development

Through cutting-edge research and development, we work with nonprofit organizations to investigate novel concepts, create creative solutions, and further your goal.


We use the best security practises to safeguard the digital assets of your nonprofit, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.


Unleashing Generosity: Honouring Tech Companies Giving Support

With "Generosity Unleashed," a sincere gratitude to these tech titans' outstanding giving. They provide us with ways to make the most of our resources, widen our audience, and impact real change in the areas we serve through their gratis services.

We're more than a company, we're a community

Featuring a no-cost web app, infrastructure, workspace, and more—all designed to support the growth of your initiatives and organizations—unleash the potential of your non-profit or early-stage startup.

We are catalysts to your nonprofits.

We are an organisation committed to research and development of cutting-edge technological solutions that have the potential to change the world from a beautiful standpoint. Our goal is to offer early-stage entrepreneurs and nonprofit organisations our products without charge. We were founded in Tamil Nadu, yet we serve the entire world.

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